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Welcome to Evol.Fri! This is meant to be an informal reading group hosted by my lab to accomplish the goal of staying current with the literature in evolutionary biology. I would like participants to nominate papers that are interesting. The only guideline is that it must fall broadly within the field of evolutionary biology. If you find papers of interest, please e-mail them to me ( There will be no formal structure to this group. People with interests outside of evolutionary biology are also welcome. The person who nominates the paper will make a single statement about why the paper was chosen. The rest of the time will be open for discussion.

When and Where

Evol.Fri is held every Friday, unless noted otherwise, during the academic year, which is approximately August 15th through May 15th. We meet around 4:00 PM and then head off to a place with snacks. I also usually send out weekly reminders.

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