Last updated: 08/06/2019

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Data and scripts for various publications in which our lab was the lead are found below. For data and scripts where members of the lab were co-authors, please contact the corresponding author or check their website. (STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION)


In general, we have a GitHub repository for the lab (, while members also often maintain their own GitHub repositories. Please see the People page for links to individual GitHub repositories. 

Publication: Eckert, A. J., P. E. Maloney, D. R. Vogler, C. E. Jensen, A. Delfino Mix, and D. B. Neale. 2015. Local adaptation at fine spatial scales: an example from sugar pine (Pinus lambertiana, Pinaceae). Tree Genetics & Genomes 11: 42. doi: 10.1007/s11295-015-0863-0

Processed data: Eckert_et_al_TGG_all_data.xlsx

Raw phenotype data: Eckert_et_all_TGG_raw_phenotype.xlsx

Publication: Friedline, C. J., B. M. Lind, E. M. Hobson, D. E. Harwood, A. D. Mix, P. E. Maloney, and A. J. Eckert. 2015. The genetic architecture of local adaptation I: The genomic landscape of foxtail pine (Pinus balfouriana Grev. & Balf.) as revealed from a high-density linkage map. Tree Genetics & Genomes 11: 49. doi: 10.1007/s11295-015-0866-x

Raw data: PRJNA266319

Genotype data: Friedline_et_al_TGG_File_S2.vcf.tar.gz

Contigs (RADtags): Friedline_et_al_TGG_file_S1.fa

Linkage mapFriedline_et_al_TGG_file_S3.xlsx